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    • Dan says

      yes, in both, I am happy to stick with EWG, had an opportunity to spread or close for a double 2 weeks ago, but at this point i am going to hold. IYT has def gotten a little away, will look to close if the etf pulls back a bit.

  1. yanghongamy02303900 says

    Hi Dan, I am a loyal audience of yours both on Options Action and Fast Money. I enjoy your candid analysis and insight.

    I bought WYNN Jun14 200 Put at the suggestion of you and Michael Khouw along with Carter Worth on Options Action. As you know, the position has been losing money. Only recently, it has paired its previous losses as the underlying stock of WYNN has been dropping.

    With WYNN reports tomorrow after the bell, I would like to consult you what I should do with my WYNN Jun14 200 Put position? Should I sell before tomorrow’s earnings report or hold on to it?

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.


    • Dan says

      Hi Amy, thanks for email. I have to make one thing clear, I do not make recommendations on TV or on RiskReversal, I am not a registered investment adviser and the trades that we detail on TV or on RiskReversal are done so for educational purposes. The trades that I execute and detail on the shows or on website I am very transparent about on how I plan to manage. This morning I wrote about WYNN here: My conclusion is that the stock is impossible to trade and your guess is as good as mine where it goes next. Sorry cant be of more help. But after such a steep decline if it were me i would feel like I got very lucky to recoup any of my loses and likely just cut it all together. I hope that helps.

  2. Sambodhi says

    Dan – following up on a question I left yesterday on IBM. I realize your trade was to take advantage of earnings. Jut curious how you feel about the trade, especially given the low expectations for IBM. (FYI – I’m short as well). Still feel there is more downside than upside? Thanks

  3. foxt says

    Any thoughts about your $IYT trade? At these levels the trade is at about a 50% loss (most of that coming after the bounce yesterday afternoon). Interesting that CSX is down on earnings, but most of the other rails in the ETF are up today. Do you think your premise still holds (rotation will hit this sector next)?

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