MorningWord 4/22/15: Bad News Bulls $SPY


News Flash: The S&P 500 (SPX) is very near another breakout to new all time highs, and if recent history is any guide this occurrence should happen fairly soon: But, after three and a half … [Read more...]

Name That Trade – $DIA In the Rough?


A fortnight ago we considered portfolio protection using the SPY (read here).  Since that time the S&P 500 is up about 2%, and once again threatening to make a new all time high, now just 1% below … [Read more...]

MorningWord 4/7/15: Bubble Gum


I'll keep this short and sweet. Yesterday, the market began with early weakness on the heels of Friday's much worse than expected March Jobs data. About 15 minutes into the trading day those losses … [Read more...]

MorningWord 3/26/15: Vol Of A Sudden


One of the great market mysteries of the last six months has been the lack of equity volatility during an endless march to new high after new high. That's been despite a backdrop of crashing commodity … [Read more...]

Name That Trade – $FDX: Nice Package


A few weeks ago I took a look at FDX with an eye towards tomorrow morning's fiscal Q3 report (below). I was particularly focused on the price of FDX options, while also taking a peak at the technical … [Read more...]