MorningWord 4/17/14: Choppy Seas


To say that U.S. equities have gotten a bit whippy of late is an understatement.  Despite the peak to trough sell off from recent highs being less than 5% for the SPX and less then 10% for the Nasdaq … [Read more...]

Macro Wrap – Fear, Where Art Thou? $VIX


VIX spot closed above 17 for the first time in a month on Friday.  However, with the volatility we've seen in the past month from various sub-sectors of the U.S. market, it's quite surprising to see … [Read more...]

Macro Wrap – Home on the Range, $SPY


With the bounce in the S&P 500 over the last couple days, the index has now tested both sides of the 30 day range in the past week.  The SPX has been rangebound since the beginning of March, and … [Read more...]

MorningWord 4/7/14: The Pain Trade $SPX


Traders and market pundits alike have some fairly goody sayings to help their market prognostications sound like they are backed by years of grueling experience in the trenches.  One of my favorites … [Read more...]

New Trade $XLF: Shorting Mr. Banks


The last few weeks has had its share of headlines affecting U.S. banks, from the anti-climatic Fed Stress Test results (all except Citi) to the Fed's commentary on their outlook for rates. Despite … [Read more...]