Name That Trade – $SPY: A Certain Ratio


Dan teased this post a bit in his MorningWord when he discussed the elevated levels of implied vol and how that makes it difficult to use options to hedge a portfolio in already uncertain times. We're … [Read more...]

Name Those Trades $HD: More Doing!

home-depot-cart (1)

If the start of this post sounds familiar, well it is, its the exact post prior to the trade idea we just detailed in Starbucks (SBUX), but in this trade idea we are going to use The Home Depot … [Read more...]

Name That Trade – $SBUX : Grande Drip


Remember the Flash Crash back on May 6th 2010? I do. The S&P 500 opened at 1164, unchanged from the prior session, traded down nearly 100 points to 1065, and rallied back intra day to close at … [Read more...]

MorningWord 8/31/15: A Subtle $DIS


The ascent of the SPX over the last few years seemed so effortless that the 10% decline in the S&P 500 (SPX) from August 20th to August 25th may have been nothing more than complacent investors … [Read more...]

Name That Trade – $FB: Shooting For Par


Regular readers know that we are a bit skeptical of Facebook's (FB) $265 billion market cap. We know that investors are in near universal agreement that they are continuing to dominate the existing … [Read more...]