Name That Trade – $GPRO: We Can Be Heroes


We've gotten a lot of questions about GPRO in the past 2 days as the stock has squeezed higher in incredible fashion. GPRO is now a $11.5 billion market company trading at over 100x P/E (and at over a … [Read more...]

$BABA Vol Steep Have You Many Fills


Today is the first day of trading for BABA.  The company sold shares to fund managers (let's be honest, it was not really an initial "public" offering) at $68 on the evening of September … [Read more...]

The Week Ahead: $WAG, $GM, $ADSK, $STZ


Economic data releases are front and center this week.  The economic calendar in the U.S. includes personal income and spending data today, the ADP employment report and ISM manufacturing reports on … [Read more...]

Global Volatility Snapshot – $VIX , $SPY


So far this week, the S&P 500 index has moved more than 0.5% (in either direction) in each trading session.  If the index moves more than 0.5% today, it will be the first time since June 2013 that … [Read more...]