Chart of the Day: $WYNN Some, Lose Some


Since WYNN's parabolic rise of about 50% from the December 2013 lows to the March 2014 all time highs, we have taken a fairly dim view of the stock's prospects.  The stocks's ascent had been driven by … [Read more...]

New Trade – $PEP: Pepsi Challenged


I think it is safe to say that the Federal Reserve's policy of zero interest rates was largely intended to stimulate economic activity.  However, another consequence for corporate America was the … [Read more...]

$BABA Vol Steep Have You Many Fills


Today is the first day of trading for BABA.  The company sold shares to fund managers (let's be honest, it was not really an initial "public" offering) at $68 on the evening of September … [Read more...]

New Trade – $NKE: Just Doing It


Last month I initiated a trade in Nike (NKE) that would help finance the purchase of longer dated calls in anticipation of a potential breakout following last night's fiscal Q1 earnings (read here). … [Read more...]

Chart of the Day – $QCOM: Semi-Performer


Over the course of 2014 we have taken a shot with long exposure in Qualcomm (QCOM) on a couple of occasions, with little to show for it.  The stock has been a massive under-performer to the entire … [Read more...]