Name That Trade – $XONE: Printing Queue


3D printing technology has already had an impact on industrial manufacturing and likely to find many uses among consumers.   The price action of many of the largest publicly traded companies have … [Read more...]

New Trade – $USO: Oil Spill


In mid June when ISIS terrorists were making steady advances on Iraq's northwest (where much of the their oil production sits) crude oil broke-out to new nine month highs.  At the time we highlighted … [Read more...]

$HLF – Time to Smoke Herbalife?


Back in a January post we detailed the activity in the Jan15 50 puts in HLF when the stock was in the low $70s after a quick decline from the recent highs int he lows $80s: Well, in the past week, … [Read more...]

MorningWord 8/22/14: A Game of Risk


I'll keep this short this morning.  Yesterday I wrote of how I am often confounded by macro movements in currencies commodities and bonds (In Our Own World) and their effects on the U.S. equity … [Read more...]