New Trade – $MA: Not Quite Priceless

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.49.04 AM

In a market that is currently known for its low volatility and complacency as it relates to risk taking, the chart in Mastercard (MA) is illustrative of a stock taking a breather after a huge run. In … [Read more...]

New Trade – $TSLA: Battery Parked


Last week I laid out a couple ways I was looking to play a near term consolidation at TSLA's prior breakout level of about $265 and looking to own longer dated puts that will capture their next … [Read more...]

Considering Our Options – Flies Gone Wild


COST officially broke out today but the signs were there for the past week and a half. This is a trade that we managed badly and I want to go over how we should have done things differently because it … [Read more...]

New Trade – Take $GTAT


Last week we looked at GTAT stock and talked about its potential move based on exactly what Apple announces on its product release September 9th. Here's the background: GT Advanced Technologies … [Read more...]