MorningWord 1/25/13: BubbleSpotting – $AMZN Edition

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MorningWord 1/25/13:  With the AAPL equity bubble clearly bursting, tech growth money needs to find a new home as the gravy train is over for active money managers. There have been some clear beneficiaries of the move out of AAPL in the last couple months (FB, GOOG & EBAY ) but none more controversial in my mind than AMZN.

AMZN closed yesterday at new all time highs, up nearly 700% from the 2008 low.  There was only one other large cap tech stock to show that sort of performance off the financial crisis lows, AAPL, which at its highs this past September was up nearly 800% from its 2008 low, but has since given back about 36%, and is now only up 480%.  

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