MorningWord 1/25/12

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MorningWord 1/25/12:  If I could barely contain myself in anticipation of AAPL‘s fiscal Q1 report yesterday morning then I must be popping out of my seat following the absolutely killer results.  By all accounts, things are firing on all cylinders there, and the soft-patch they saw leading up to the end of their Sept qtr, as they stated was consumers waiting for the 4S.  As many readers know I am a huge fan of the company and their products, but I am not a fan of the cult following the stock has garnered.  I am a bit of a contrarian when it comes to trading so I look for opportunities to trade based merely on price action, when I think a stock  like AAPL (regardless of valuation, balance sheet, product cycle),  is a bit extended on the upside and a bit overdone on the downside.   With the stock up $38 in the pre-market, or about 9%, I would expect traders who were long into the print to take some profits and If I were a long term holder I would probably look to trim up here at all time highs after such an enthusiastic move.

Listen, I know what most of you are thinking, that this is the best company on the face of the earth, for that matter the best the world has ever known, and I get that, but what comes up must come down at some point.  So I know I sound like a broken record, but when everyone is one way, I usually tend to look the other.  Remember I am a trader, so I am not naked short this stock ( I do believe and have said on many times int he last few months you would have to be nuts to),  I look for the best risk/reward relationship in the options market and risk what I willing to do when I take shots getting short exposure in a name like this.  [check back later today, If the move gets a little frothy on the upside I may look to make a short term bearish play that the stock pulls back a few % and finds a little home to base].

AS a personal disclaimer earlier in the week I replaced my iPhone4 with a Samsung Galaxy II S SkyRocket (yes if u can believe it that is what GOOG and Samsung’s name of their iPhone Killer is, Jobs must be rolling over in his grave laughing).  Well the plastic hunk of junk was returned in about 24 hours and then I upgraded finally to the iPhone4S with my new little friend Siri (she helped me pick out my tie for Fast Money tonight, so watch at 5pm on CNBC).   Forget about me upgrading here, the next 12 months will be about the millions upon millions of Chinese Citizens who appear to want iPhones.  I am not changing my tune on AAPL, much like RIMM in the mid part of last decade, when then got outside of North America and opened their available carriers to hundreds worldwide, that’s when the thing absolutely exploded. Well, a lot of that has to be in the stock at current levels, but could be fueling upside for the balance of the year especially as iPhone approaches more than 50% of the company’s revenues.

What A Hunk of Plastic Junk with a very annoying interface

It appears that things can’t get much better at this point, and with AAPL for the last couple years as soon as you thought that, well they do…..I AM NOT A BUYER AT CURRENT LEVELS, I HAVE SAID THIS FOR THE LAST 12 MONTHS IN THIS NAME, IF YOU WANT TO BUY THE STOCK, DO SO ON ONE OF ITS FAIRLY FREQUENT (AT LEAST IN THE LAST YEAR) 10% PLUS SELL OFFS.  I CAN ALMOST BET MY CAT THAT WE WILL GET ONE IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

On another note I don’t think it is a sound investing strategy to buy stocks at all time highs on runaway break-outs, I know I am going to get blasted on the web for these comments, BECAUSE A LOT OF AAPL BULLS FEEL THIS IS SUCH A UNIQUE STORY, AND “THAT IT’S DIFFERENT THIS TIME’, well let me you a little secret, it’s never different, it’s just a mater of time before there is a Jim Jones moment for this cult stock.

By the way, reader Brian K. sent this link to this early December analysis of AAPL’s Dec qtr, and I don’t know who or what they are, but this guy totally nailed the AAPL qtr.  This was picked up by Bullish Cross, again don’t know them either but they also had it right.

Oh, and there is other stuff going on this week… the 2 day FOMC meeting that concludes today.  Markets are likely to be in a holding pattern until the late afternoon rate decision and press conference.

I continue to look for evidence that the ytd rally is getting narrower and narrower at this point earnings are generally coming in better than expected, as of last night something like 50 or 80 S&P 500 company’s had beaten Q4 estimates so far, which I guess is ok, but in most cases those estimates had been lowered at some point in the last few months.  There is no real argument to make that equities don’t act well, but at some point soon there will be a great opportunity to make some $ on a sharp sell off, stay tuned.



MorningWord 1/24/12: Some of you may have some things on your mind today, like a Greek debt deal, or the start of the FOMC’s 2 dayer, or maybe some of you are still mourning the loss of your Niners or Ravens, well I for one care about one thing today, and that’s AAPL’s fiscal Q1 to be reported after the close.  Not to sound like and alarmist, but tonight’s report and the guidance given, and any subtle changes from the way things used to be done under Jobs, will likely set the tone for investor relations in the post-Jobs era for AAPL. There are a few things that are on the tips of large investors tongues that sooner or later will need to be addressed by new CEO Tim Cook, tops on the list,





MorningWord 1/23/12:  All is really right in the world, the Euro is back above 1.30 vs US dollar, wow who would have thunk it?  I guess it really had become a fairly crowded trade.  European equity markets are up across the board this am, as EU finance heads are meeting today in Brussels for what seems like the 100th summit in so many days to make a plan to deal with Euroland’s debt issues.  The markets are very calm ahead of today’s festivities, as expectations aren’t exactly high, and any results are only likely to kick the can down the road when they finally reach a plan agreed apon by everyone else and then by Z-Germans.  European Sovereign debt seems to be the tell here with the Italian 10 year yield down about 1% from this year’s highs.

Earnings for the most part on this side of the pond, coupled with economic data all seem “less bad” in the new year, and are driving most of the positive sentiment and the talk of re-testing last May’s highs that sit about 4% from current levels…..I am of the mindset that once we get through the bulk of this week’s earnings and we have the FOMC policy update and Bernanke conf call (Wednesday afternoon) in the rear-view mirror that the rally may start to peter-out when investors consider that much of their enthusiasm as it relates to the stock market and the economy are coming from upside to estimates that had been dramatically decreased over the last couple quarters.  Company’s are beating estimates that were raised a year ago and then have been coming down for the last 4 months, same goes for our economic data that swung from overly optimistic in Q2 last year to possibly overly pessimistic over the last couple months.  I often say this about markets, but this pertains to most sentiment related inputs we collectively use to analyse the markets, ” price action tends to overshoot on the upside, just as it does on the downside and vice versa”.  This is exactly what we appear to be doing right now and why many bulls squarely have 1370 in their scopes.   There are plenty of names that appear not to be letting up like INTC, MSFT, BAC and CAT but action from a market leader like GOOG on Friday could be a sign of things to come as investors re-set their expectations for 2012 with almost 5% gains already in the tank.

I read something on Bloomberg this morning that I thought was kind of interesting and helps make this point…..

Divergence between S&P 500 making new high while the number of stocks in the index making new 52- wk highs shrinks may be “early sign that the market is tired,” says Strategas technical analyst Chris Verrone.

• Number of stocks making new 52-wk highs Friday was 126 vs. 215 on Dec. 27, 2011: Verrone

• Sees “lots” or resistance at 1320, 1347, 1357, 1371; sees “healthy” support at 1278, 1257, 1247, 1230; says 150pt trading range “will continue to define trading in the months ahead”: Verrone

Verrone added the following early last week in a Bloomberg story dated Jan 17th;

The stock-market rally has driven short interest to a nine-month low and bearish sentiment close to a six-year low, a sign that few investors may be left to propel further gains.

As for today I think it is important to watch names like MSFT, INTC, IBM, GOOG and of course the banks as they were all big movers on Friday.  AAPL to me will be the main event this week, not because it will be a big mover for the broad market, we know that their market share has little to do with competitive pressures, but much like GOOG a break-down on volume could signal a change in leadership for the market and cause investors to question so of the very crowded trades in the market.