MorningWord: 11/30/11


MorningWord: 11/30/11:  Well this mornings opening gap of approx 3% in the SPX is the exact reason why I have not wanted to be net short since early last week.  The pressure was just too great for … [Read more...]

What’s the Story Morning Glory


WSJ Pre-Market Brief: Market tone: Stocks called higher following China’s rate cut, which boosts the euro against the dollar; Treasurys higher; Nymex crude up at $100.09; gold up 0.6% at … [Read more...]

In Between Days


CNBC The European Central Bank must act sooner rather than later in order to avoid a grave outcome for the euro area and possibly the euro itself, according to Credit Suisse Economist Yiagos … [Read more...]

MorningWord: 11/29/11


MorningWord: 11/29/11: European markets and our futures were up about a % point earlier in front of an oddly anticipated meeting of Euro Finance ministers in Brussels today.  I guess the uneasy … [Read more...]

What’s the Story Morning Glory?


WSJ Pre-Market Brief: Market tone: Stocks called higher in line with futures; euro higher against the dollar following Italian bond-auction; Treasurys lower; Nymex crude higher at $98.91; gold up … [Read more...]