In Between Days: Trick or Treat?


WSJ Well, that wasn’t pretty. Stocks slid right off the opening bell, and then proceeded to continue its descent right into the closing bell, bringing a fine October rally to an ugly end. In the … [Read more...]

MorningWord: 10/31/11

woman trader

MorningWord: 10/31/11: As I write at 9.20am, the headlines read like a horror show as it relates to the ability of European leaders to get funding for last weeks proposed bailout......The Euro is … [Read more...]



Last week was just one of those weeks where you had to join the herd, cover your eyes and put blind faith in generally in-effectual European Policy makers to make money from the long side. … [Read more...]

Ask Us Anything (Well, Not Anything)


Dan and I answer alot of emails from subscribers looking for insight into our trading strategies and options trading in general. We're going to do occasional posts where we highlight some of these … [Read more...]

MorningWord: 10/28/11


MorningWord: 10/28/11:  "Where will all the martyrs go when the Virus cures itself?  Were will all go when it's too late?" Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day Last night I saw Green Day at a … [Read more...]

In Between Days: Bad Haircut


Pragmatic Capitalism Let’s not sugarcoat tonight’s “resolution” – this is merely a temporary measure that will buy them more time to resolve the true cause of the currency crisis.  Let’s take a brief … [Read more...]