Dissecting Our Apple (AAPL) Trades


I wanted to take a moment to go over the AAPL trades we've done on the site for the past couple of weeks. The trades have turned out very well, and part of the reason has been disciplined trade … [Read more...]

MorningWord: 9/30/11

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MorningWord: 9/30/11:  Yesterday's late day rally was nothing less than excruciating for those who were short the market, but I will say it can't be that surprising when you consider lightly manned … [Read more...]

MorningWord: 9/29/11


MorningWord: 9/29/11: S&P futures are trading near the highs of the overnight session on better than expected GDP and lower than expected Jobless Claims coupled with a mildly positive … [Read more...]

Eurotrashed: The Calendar


Here's an update on upcoming events in the Eurozone mess, from Dow Jones: --Thursday, Sept. 29: The EU/ECB/IMF troika returns to Athens to continue assessing Greece's progress in cutting its budget … [Read more...]

Eurotrashed Update


WSJ BERLIN (Dow Jones)--German Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right coalition faces a tough political test on Thursday when the parliament votes on expansion and reform of the euro-zone's bailout … [Read more...]

MorningWord: 9/28/11

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MorningWord: 9/28/11:  Yesterday's rally of 2.8% in the SPX was fairly impressive until about 2:30pm when they turned on a dime and spent the next hour and a half giving back two thirds of the day's … [Read more...]